Questions That Will Help Your Child Strengthen Their Trust And Communication With You

At times, parents can feel a little lost in how to improve communication with their children, and how to do it to build trust and that everything goes well in the conversations. In order to work on trust, you will need respect and a lot of unconditional support, but it is also important to improve communication. In communication, it is necessary to speak, maintain a fluid conversation where interlocutor and listener can exchange opinions and feelings.

Did you like today’s food?

This way you will know if he liked the plate of food you made. If he did not like it, you can ask him what he would have liked to eat or if he is old enough, you can invite him to help you prepare lunch and dinner another day. Thus, in addition to feeling responsibility, they will bond with you by doing a pleasant activity with you.

What made you happy today?

With this question your child will learn to reflect on the things that have happened to him during the day, and most importantly, he will also learn to be grateful. By being able to think of things that make you feel happy, you will also find that they are things that make you grateful.

What made you bored today?

Along the same lines as the previous one, it is a question that will make you reflect on those things that you have not found fun during the day and what have been the strategies to feel good in those moments. In addition, the boredom is not something to be considered negative, so it is a good idea for children to reflect about it.

Who did you play with at school and what did you play with?

This question is key for children to open up to you and tell you how they have fun at school. In addition, they will see that you are interested in what happens to him and also who his friends are.

Do any of your colleagues misbehave you or others?

It is a way for children to know that there are good and bad behaviors and that bad behaviors cannot be tolerated.

What did you learn in school?

It is a way for your children to structure the knowledge acquired during the day and also to reflect on what they learned without difficulty and what perhaps cost more and should be reinforced.

Questions to improve communication should be natural, children do not have to feel pressured to answer or that they are being questioned. It should be a natural exchange of information. In addition, these questions can be adapted to other contexts so that communication is not lost, even in vacation times when there is no school.