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1.25.2013 - 4:39PM PST

I thought it might be a good idea to make a short post detailing this past week. In the midst of on off downtime, we implemented our take on 4chan Pass, enabled the long awaited FastCGI support (with little to no testing period), and created a twitter account for updates about the site's status, downtime, etc. For those of you worried about the recent downtime and its relation to this site's longevity, I assure you a little downtime is no indicator of us throwing in the towel. We've made it through a lot worse, and even with downtime, instability, and a lack of posts, we gain more confidence in the site every day. Here's to a great 2013!

9.20.2012 - 4:22PM PST

I'm far too lazy to write a full news post, so just refer to Glauchan's first sticky for everything that's changed since our last news post.

7.22.2012 - 11:51PM PST

Just added Catalog Mode and Thread List mode along with a bunch of invisible behind the scene fixes. We've also officially named our script and written up a small blog post to explain our name choice and a few other things. Check it out here.

7.15.2012 - 11:51PM PST

We finally got around to fixing a few quick reply bugs that have been making it hard to post more than once without refreshing the page, which kinda defeats the point of quick reply in the first place. The fix, however, comes along with a few new features that we weren't exactly ready to roll out, so you may notice a few quirks. Luckily, nothing should go wrong unless you actually make a concious choice to use the new features, but I personally feel its a little tacky.

6.1.2012 - 11:51PM PST

Just rolled out auto-refresh, fixed a few bugs, and added captcha to combat future spam (we're being spammed all over /tv/ again).

5.21.2012 - 10:45PM PST

Welcome back to Glauchan! Due to a faulty power strip, the data center we're hosted in ended up with a few fried RAID cards and corrupted file systems all around. We were just able to obtain up to date backups of most of our files today, so we really lucked out. Sorry for all the trouble!

5.17.2012 - 1:15PM PST

I just finished redoing the front page. A lot of the HTML was incredibly convoluted and non working the first time around, and I'm not sure how it ended up getting that way considering how simple it is. In any case, it should render more consistently (and faster) everywhere now.

5.17.2012 - 11:34AM PST

It looks like we have a solution to our thumbnailing issues. Hopefully this fixes the problem permanently. We've also added in a few common userscript features for you guys to use. It should make the site a little more accessible to those used to 4chan X and the like.

5.13.2012 - 1:33PM PST

In case you haven't noticed, we moved to glauchan.org a few days back for our birthday. Since then I've added cloudflare to the site, so we're better protected against attacks in the future. I've also been working on "updating" the Wakaba codebase so it renders a bit faster and hopefully a little more consistently in newer browsers. Expect a lot of things to break and a lot of tiny changes over the next week or so.

5.8.2012 - 12:57PM PST

Just finished moving our database server into the same datacenter the site is hosted in. Posting will be a lot faster, and a few changes I've been putting off will be a lot easier to make. Stay stuned for some (hopefully) interesting updates.

2.7.2012 - 10:33AM PST

Just finished a few CSS fixes and added in S-JIS support. Just put "aa" in the email field or surround your art with the tag [sjis] to activate it.

2.6.2012 - 9:57AM PST

Finally finished fixing the thumbnailing code 100%, and fixed a few security vunerabilities. I also completely transitioned to HTML5, so the site should render without issue now no matter how f-ed up the youtube embed code is.

2.2.2012 - 8:16PM PST

Added nokosage (silent sage) and fixed the original implementaion of noko and the spoiler tag. I also threw in a little surprise for the site's birthday a few days ago, so look forward to that in May!!

1.19.2012 - 9:57AM PST

Changed a bit of the thumbnailing code. Things are gonna look wierd for a bit, but as new threads get started things will become less noticeable. The new style sheet will also be completeled one of these days. No idea when though...

11.26.2011 - 7:27PM PST

New stylesheet added. Things are a little weird looking at times, but I feel it makes the site easier to navigate.

11.18.2011 - 4:51PM PST

Spoilers work perfectly aside from a few line break problems, but I'm done fucking with them for now. Also, finally got around to fixing up the style a bit. Things look a bit more put together now. ...and Glauchan Plus is out. Have fun.

11.16.2011 - 7:44AM PST

More work done on spoilers. Feel free to try the normal way. They're still a bit buggy, but we're getting there.

11.15.2011 - 12:14PM PST

Spoilers are working, but you can't turn more than one line into a spoiler unless your post contains nothing but the spoiler, and inline spoilers use different syntax (two tildes or whatever they're called).

11.11.2011 - 8:16AM PDT

New favicon, but no way to force browsers to update from the old one. Oh well.

11.10.2011 - 8:16AM PDT

Fixed everything but the lack of posts ;_;

10.29.2011 - 12:02PM PDT

Fixed my bugfixes

10.26.2011 - 1:54PM PDT

More bugfixes and stuff.